Combinated Transplantation
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵

Combinated Method:

After many years of study, research and efforts, Dr. Ahmad Hosseinpour has become successfully innovative for the first time in the history of hair transplantation with the combination technique. Gone are the problems of not enough time, distance too far to travel or complicated work schedules that prevent patients from successfully completing the multiple transplant sessions over the course of six month intervals. Now, in only one session the operation and the transplant can be completed because of the combination hair technique. For the first time in the history of hair implantation, Dr. Hosseinpour simultaneously uses FUT and FIT to be able to transplant 15,000 hairs in only one session!

This operation may last one to two days. At first we will do the FUT operation and immediately following we will do the FIT operation. By doing this we are able to transplant two to three times the normal amount of hair to the patient then has been possible so far.

By using the combination technique the patient will not need to repeat the surgery and non-surgery methods. Therefore, with only one visit to the clinic, the problem of the patient’s baldness will be solved.

You may contact one of Dr. Hosseinpour’s clinics and submit your address to the related authority. One educational DVD will be sent by post (free of charge) to you and you will learn the details of combinated hair transplantation.

You may observe an example of a patient who has undergone combinated surgery 3 days before.