Ultra Combined Method
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵

After the growth of transplanted hair, the smartest eyes can not realize the transplantation of the hair. We guarantee it.

Dr. Ahmad Hosseinpour has presented FUT in the Middle East for first time.
Hair transplantation is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia without the feeling of pain.

We excise a band in the donor area and harvest it with the use of advanced microscopes and prepare the follicular units to implant into the bald areas.

The procedure lasts for approximately 5 hours.

The Follicular grafts will be implanted as 1 hair graft in hair line and 2-3-4 hair Follicles in the mid-scalp or crown. We can also use slit graft, slot graft, recombinant or family graft for areas behind hair line.

You will be discharged without bandages after surgery.
You can watch TV, listen to music or read a magazine during the surgery.
You will have swelling 3-4 days after surgery for 48 hours. The swelling may be slight or severe.
Transplanted hair will shed 2-4 weeks after your surgery and re-grow 3-4 months after the procedure.
You may feel hypoesthesia in donor area for 1-5 months.
Interval time between sessions is 6 months.



Next day

Scabs will be present in the grafted area.

There will be some soreness, tightness and numbness around the donor area.

۲-۶ days

Scabbing and redness where the grafts were implanted will be present. Swelling will appear on the forehead and work its way down the face. This will only last a few days.

Soreness begins to disappear and numbness may continue.

۱۰ days

۹۰% of the scabs will be gone. Mild redness will be present. Swelling is usually gone. The patients should come to office to remove stitches.

Soreness is gone and some numbness will be present.

۲ Weeks

۱۰۰% of the scabs will be gone. Your scalp will look like a 4-day-old beard, where the grafts were implanted.

Staples are removed by Dr or his colleagues.

۲-۸ Weeks

Transplanted hair is shed as the follicles enter a dormant phase.

There will be redness after the staples were removed.

۲-۴ Months

Your hair may appear thinner, as some original hair may be shed in the transplanted area. This is called “shock” and is normal. Most of this hair will grow back.

Your hair may appear thinner, as some original hair may be shed in the transplanted area. This is called “shock” and is normal. Most of this hair will grow back.

۳-۶ Months

Transplanted hair begins to grow first as very fine hair.

Redness in gone. Donor area takes on normal appearance.

۵-۱۰ Months

Some or all of the original hair lost to “shock” begins to grow.

۸ Months

Hair is groomable, but transplant appears thin, as hair continues to increase in density. Slight textural change in hair is occasionally present.

۸-۱۲ Months

Patient is evaluated for a possible second procedure by Dr or coleggues.

۱ Year

۹۰% of the final growth is present.

۱-۲ Years

The density will increase during the second year and hair texture returns to normal.