مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵

Non-Surgery Method or FIT:

For the first time in Iran and in Asia, Dr. Ahmad Hosseinpour has simultaneously used FUT surgery and FIT non-surgery techniques to treat his patients. The combination of these techniques has brought satisfactory results to his patients. Non-surgery hair transplantation is a simple outpatient operation with local anesthesia and the patient will not experience any pain. This operation lasts for 1 to 2 days.

During this operation the patient is will remain entertained by watching TV, listening to music or even reading a magazine.

Immediately after the operation the patient will be discharged without dressing and may return to his workplace or house. After the operation the hair transplantation area becomes a little bit red, but after 24 hours of the operation this redness will disappear. If desired the patient can use a hat to camouflage the area during this time. For the ease and health of the patients, a special hat will be provided by the clinic to the patients.

The patient will be able to bathe 48 hours after the operation. A special shampoo will be provided by the clinic to the patient. Also a DVD for hair shampooing training of the head for 10 days after the operation will be provided to the patient.

For the first time in the world, Dr. Hosseinpour (by the invention of a new method) has prevented the swelling of the forehead and eye surroundings after surgery that fortunately is currently being used all over the world. Therefore, swelling after surgery does not have external meaning any more. For the welfare of the patients the clinic will provide one educational DVD related to the instructions for 10 days after the surgery to the patients.

The transplanted hairs begin to grow rapidly and within several hours after the surgery. Within 3 to 4 weeks after surgery the hairs are shed and from the third month after the surgery the hair begins to re-grow permanently and will not shed any more.

The appearance of the patient becomes normal ten days after surgery.

It is possible that the back of the head of the patient may become slightly numb and that will be healed 1 to 5 months after the surgery. In case the patient would need another transplantation session, the minimum interval between two sessions will be six months.

In this method the patients should trim their hair at the shoulders.

The hair follicles are taken with a special instrument from the back of the head and are transplanted individually at the top of the head. The donor area will heal by itself and tiny scars as white points will be covered at the bottom of the hair.

Day of Surgery


Six Weeks After Surgery


This operation takes one to two days and based on the need of the patient may last three days.

The amount of satisfaction of this operation is like the surgery method, but the amount of created density is 13 percent less than the surgery method.

In case the patient would need more density and the existence of hidden scar line under the hair would not be a problem then the surgery method is preferred. In case the patient would not need much density and would not like to have a scar line under his hair then the non-surgery method is preferable.