مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵
Combinated Transplantation
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵

The QFIT Method:

FIT has been known in Iran as a non-surgical method. A method in which after the patient’s head is completely shaved, the bulbs of hair are transplanted with a special instrument and one-by-one from the back to the top of the head. Their places will not show even after the shave. It takes 2-6 days in Iran and many other countries to transplant 6000-7000 strands of hair. The time of operation differs between 2-6 days due to the number of strands needed without using microscopes or special instruments. Therefore, it gives the patient a hard time followed by bad memories. With a view on the above problems, our specialists have initiated a new method to transplant over 8000 strands in ONE day, comparing to 2-3 days in USA, Canada and three days in Iran. The new method’s advantage is to save the troubling longer periods of operation for the patients.

We have named it Quick FIT, a new method in the world that a team of 10 specialists with the help of strong microscopes and other laser micro-instruments, try to pick-up the bulbs of hair from the back of the head. A method with very little loss in the bulbs from the back of the head, while the results and success are equal with that of the FUT method.

Whereas the removal of the bulbs from the back of the head are only operated with strong microscopes and loops, the loss have reduced from 15% to 0% with increased hope for success. The new method requires ten technicians instead of 1-2, which cause the quickness in the process of removal and transplantation of the bulbs.