Ultra Combined Method
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵
مرداد ۱۹, ۱۳۹۵

Ultra Combined Method:

A certain problem for those with a vast baldness (over 100 Sq. Centimeters) is the number of consultation sessions they need, normally 2-3 times for the FUT or FIT methods in addition to the repeated operation sessions, every six months. Many patients who had 30% to 35% of their baldness transplanted, should refer back for another 30% cure in six months time and if for any reason failed to do so, large parts of the baldness would remain with an unpleasant look and they come to regret their whole decision.

As you are aware, with the help of our innovative Combined Method, we are now able to transplant about 12000 strands of hair in a single session and solve enormous problems for the patients. It means, instead of two sessions of treatment to cover the baldness, they will enjoy the ultimate results in only one session.

With applying this technique for those with vaster areas of baldness, who need to transplant over 12000 strands in three sessions, they can easily cover about 70% to 75% of their head in just one session. In case they wish to cover their whole baldness in 2 sessions of Combined Method, they are advised to transplant the minimum of 15000 strands of hair in one session.

Using our Ultra Combined Method with over 15000 strands of hair transplanted in a single session, will help these patients reach their goal.

Even those who prefer a one session Combined Method to transplant 12000 strands, can now enjoy a higher accumulation with our new technique.

In the Ultra Combined Method, a combination of operations will be followed by a FIT in 10 days time, which means 3 ordinary operations all together.

All patients suffering the 5th grade baldness or over 80 Sq. Centimeters, could be candidates for the Ultra Combined Method.
The following shows a scheme of those with over 5th grade baldness, or more than 80 Sq. Centimeters:

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You may now easily examine the degree of your baldness and see whether you are a candidate or not.
Should you have any uncertainty or in need of further information, please do not hesitate to consult our specialists.